Pottersville Reformed Church celebrates the one year anniversary of their Pastor, Tom Giglio

The Pottersville Church is looking forward with significance, to this new year, as they celebrate the one year anniversary of their pastor, Tom Giglio.  “Pastor Tom has a heart for the people of Pottersville” says Nancy Campbell, the church's Community Life Coordinator.   “He has made an effort to reach out to members of the community in significant and meaningful ways.”  Tom Giglio has a passion to meet individuals where they are in their journey through life.  ‘He is a ‘people person’ ” says Ron Binder, one of Pottersville’s long time resident’s.  “He looks to connect with individuals on many levels; not just spiritually, but intellectually, emotionally, and personally.”  

The Pottersville Church welcomes all Pottersville residents and neighbors to join together in their new initiatives toward strengthening the sense of community by participating in a varied number of sponsored community events throughout the year.   In addition to the annual Chili Cook Off and Pig Roast, the church is getting ready to launch a number of other activities toward this end.  Beginning January 25 and for eight consecutive weeks, they will host weekly swing dance lessons in the Community House.  They also are looking forward to hosting a number of other events that will appeal to all generations and a broad spectrum of interests, including high school band competitions, children's movie night / parent's night out, acoustic cafe, and theater presentations.  "I want to see the Community House to be just that; a place where the Pottersville community gathers, where they celebrate life together, where relationships are formed and grow deeper" says Pastor Tom.


Tom also welcomes individuals to join their Bible discussion group that takes place on Tuesday nights in the Purnell School’s historic Brook House.  “Tom and I met several months ago, to talk about how to build a stronger partnership between the Pottersville community and our school community," says Ayanna Hill-Gill, Head of School at the Purnell School.  "This has resulted in Tom connecting with our youth through basketball practices, in addition to becoming the Reverend for our graduation ceremony.  Seeing a need of some of the adults on our campus, Pastor Tom agreed to lead both our staff and the Pottersville community at large with an inspirational weekly Bible discussion group."


Originally from central New Jersey, Tom and his wife Jeanne resided for 30 years in Beach Haven, NJ where they raised their 5 sons.  Before beginning their full-time ministry, Tom and Jeanne owned and operated Giglio Awning Company in Harvey Cedars, NJ.  During that same time Tom worked for the Stafford Township School District as a school social worker.  Subsequent to leaving the school district and selling their home and business, Tom and Jeanne moved to Franklin, TN where Tom served as executive pastor and Jeanne as children’s director at New River Fellowship.  Most recently, Tom has worked with Zarephath Christian Church as a pastoral counselor and as an adjunct professor at Pillar College , both located here in central NJ.

The Pottersville Church  is located at 2091 Black River Road in Pottersville, NJ.  All members of the Pottersville community and those in surrounding areas are encouraged to come and visit them on Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. for worship, or to contact them at 908-439-2628, with any suggestions on how they can serve those in our community. 



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