Enjoy your Ride in an ultra-modern environment, with a club-quality sound system.
Enjoy your Ride in an ultra-modern environment, with a club-quality sound system.
WE ARE THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE THE GRAND OPENING OF A NEW 800 SQUARE FOOT INDOOR CYCLING STUDIO LOCATED AT 1931 WASHINGTON VALLEY RD. IN MARTINSVILLE.  WE ARE LOCATED INSIDE TEST SPORTS CLUB.  Using innovative REAL RYDER technology, each bike allows for lateral movement, giving riders the ability to engage their core and get a full-body workout.  
Attend any of the classes during our Grand Opening Week and receive a drawstring Rock 'n Ryde Bag, with goodies inside. This includes all Rydes between January 20th to January 25th. * Bring a friend, get a free class. * Prizes given on each RYDE! (Which bike number will win?)
* All instructors are Real Ryder Certified.
* Stop by  for a FREE BIKE FIT! 
Let us help you achieve your New Year's Goals!
Workout more efficiently by burning 20 percent more calories then traditional stationary bikes.
Gain strength and core coordination while increasing your cardio capacity!
Don't just sit there and pedal. Come Join us!
Check out our website:  www.RocknRyde.com  Sign up online or feel free to drop in.                             

OPEN HOUSE HOURS: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10:00-12:00.  Monday through Thursday Evenings from 4:00-5:30.


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